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how much does carpeting flooring cost quora in india

A Complete Guide on Returning to India - Mani Karthik

For those who are seriously considering going back to India will definitely find .. School admission cost has increased so much that you will be overwhelmed to find settle in with the fact that there are no more flower carpets or plantain leaf feast. . References: www.avvo.com, www.quora.com, www.r2iclubforums.com, Get Price

How much to tile floor? - Quora

You must find the best Tile Flooring services provider compan Marble or other stone tile is among the most expensive and will cost a lot more to install, How do carpet tiles make your floor superior? How much do floor tiles cost in India? Get Price

What is difference between wooden flooring and wooden flooring

Jul 28, 2017 Wooden flooring can be divided into 3 major categories 1. Laminated Wooden Flooring - Economical and easy to maintain , Approx 75 sq.ft Get Price

What will be the cost of PVC flooring in India? - Quora

U can easily get the price idea when google the local online floor market like https://www.indiamart.com. As an exprienced chinese manufacturer and exporter i Get Price

How can get best designable floor tiles at affordable rate? - Quora

While hardwoods, wall-to-wall carpets and ceramic tiles are beautiful, they're not TrafficMASTER Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring costs under $2 per square Get Price

What are the pros and cons of carpet versus laminate flooring? - Quora

Carpet VS Laminate Flooring - Pros & Cons Caught in between choosing carpet or nowadays are approved for radiant heating also but that comes at added costs. Waterproof laminate flooring in India is a good option for homes that have Get Price

Do you prefer carpet or wood flooring? - Quora

Hey there, I usually prefer wood flooring because in my opinion wood flooring They provide easy installation and refinishing of wood floor at competitive price. Wooden floors are often associated with elegance, style, richness and a certain kind of What is the Cost of marbel flooring vs laminate wood flooring in India? Get Price

Home Improvement: Why should you prefer wood flooring in your

If you need to take a decision to lay a new floor, you have a wide selection of flooring types to choose from. settle so much on wooden floors as it does on carpets and other flooring materials. wood floor will bring a return on investment exceeding the initial installation costs. How much does wood flooring cost in India? Get Price

What are the best flooring options? - Quora

Costs: Vinyl can cost under $1 per square foot on the low end, however, can cost Best Rooms: The best area for carpet is low movement rooms, for example, Get Price

Which is better for floor? Marble, granite or tiles? - Quora

-The laying( installation ) cost is less compared to marble and granite . Gangadhara Exports is today one of the leading Granite, Indian Granite, you can get high-quality marble, granite or artificial tiles at competitive prices from . *Coir carpet / Coir mate flooring above a layer of cement flooring can improve our health . Get Price

What is the cost of flooring in India? - Quora

Nov 29, 2017 The cost of floor tiling depends primarily on the type of tiles (brand and design) There are many types of flooring available, cost of the flooring Get Price

What is better, carpet or tile in new house? - Quora

Installing Tile Flooring Tile floors work great for bathrooms, kitchens and The price of carpet can fluctuate substantially depending on the quality of the Installation is also tricky because many companies include installation in the cost of the carpet. . Pradeep Chaudhary, Worked with several interior designers in India. Get Price

Best of Quora 2010-2012 PDF

40 Why do so many Chinese learners seem to hate Dashan (Mark 49 How do Indians feel when they go back to live in India after .. cost of the freight and labor make up for the produce that speculation if the fifth floor on the elevator wasn't missing at room area is mopped, the carpet is vacuumed and sometimes. Get Price

Why do restaurants have carpeted floors when it would be so much

Why do restaurants have carpeted floors when it would be so much more sanitary to have A commercial glue-down low-pile carpet is less than half the cost of Get Price

Why It's Plain Stupid To Buy A House In India - HuffPost India

Jan 30, 2017 The crash of the Indian housing market is imminent. on real estate prices) indicated the price of each bungalow was in the range of That implies that if one is buying a 2000 sq ft apartment, one is likely to get 1600 sq ft of carpet area. a laser area calculator (digital planimeter) to find the floor area of the Get Price

This is what the first 36 hours of Marine Boot Camp is like - Business

Jul 14, 2015 Find out what it's like the first day and a half of becoming a marine. Evans to the Quora thread: What is U.S. Marine Corps boot camp like? . You are told so much about these footprints that you expect you will be on The tiles on the bathroom floor were different from the cement on the squad bay floor. Get Price

Why don't we have carpeted floors in India? I see all kinds of

Since, I'm in flooring business and I know that most flooring is for 'practical' purposes. Carpets and carpeting is mainly to cover floors in the cold climate and Indian climate is rather hot. Contractors, types of flooring, costs, time, etc. Get Price

Can wooden flooring really cost that much? - Quora

The flooring itself costs more as it is solid wood versus plywood. The labor is skilled v So, yes it cost more to install wooden flooring versus carpet. When you take into How much does wood flooring cost in India? Can we use wooden Get Price

What is the cost of carpeting a floor at the rate of rupee 30 per

Jan 24, 2018 What is the cost of carpeting a floor at the rate of rupee 30 per square meter, More info about room shape and carpet specs is needed to compute the total cost accurately. Why don't we have carpeted floors in India? How much do architects charge per square foot to design a first floor of a house in Get Price

How much does flooring cost? - Quora

Flooring Cost: The Flooring Calculator at vCalc is a good place to start. enter the dimensions of your floor,; pick a material from the list (hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet and more), and then; pick a price How much do floor tiles cost in India? Get Price

What is the Cost of marbel flooring vs laminate wood flooring in

Where as wooden flooring material cost will be 75 rs/sft and laying cost 10 rs/sft. When you are comparing costs, I guess you should consider the cost of whole Get Price

Where can I get cheap wall to wall carpets in India? - Quora

When searching for cheap wall to wall carpets, it is always important to check If you're on the lookout for cheap wall to wall carpets in India, then get to Spaces.in as they have a huge There are so many places where you can find wall to wall carpet but this is They provide exclusive carpets at very reasonable price. Get Price

How effective are wooden flooring in delhi? - Quora

You have so many benefits of wooden flooring. Such as 1) Good quality wooden floors last for decades. 2)Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets. Currently our services is limited to Bangalore,India. the maintenance cost is low. Get Price