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Woodguard’s horse fencing lumber is encrusted with the only coating on the market that’s produced with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers, which protects the plastic coat from fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, splintering, and prevents the deterioration of the polymer itself. Get Price

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Woodguard is a company with their sights set on the future; their newest offering, the “Hybrid” fence system combines composites where it makes sense along with their vinyl coated lumber. Along with a great product Woodguard has an excellent customer service staff to help with all their customers’ needs.” Get Price

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Compared to standard high-tensile fence wire, this 12? gauge, plastic-coated wire is more attractive, safer, and more visible. This wire costs about $0.125 per foot ($0.625 per foot for five lines), and it can be installed with up to 15’ post spacing when electric wire is also used on the fence. Get Price

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For example, a fence built using treated posts zone coated with poly coated wood will NOT rot at the ground line. Utility Companies Using Poly Coating Wraps Utility companies benefit from the amazing polymer coating with savings of labor and materials costs. Get Price

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Plastic coating will not chip, crack, fade, or peel Structural lumber resistant to warp, twist or split WoodGuard is the world's first "Low-Maintenance" lumber product. Get Price